By: Tug

Sep 09 2008

Category: home, soap


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10 comments on “Clean”

  1. If you don’t smell nice, something’s wrong!!

  2. :::inhales::: yeah, you smell purty!

  3. Slick – I always start out smelling nice anyway… 😉

    Bond – Aw gee, thanks. *blushes*

  4. you saying i stink?

  5. HelloHaHa – Was that you that farted? 😉 I’d NEVER say you stink…we’ll blame one of the guys. LOL

  6. i used to blame one of my two dogs, but now i own up. pride my friend!!

  7. HelloHaHa – YES! I KNEW I liked you for a reason! 😉

  8. Love the black and white take on this. Oh, Bath and Body Works! I so enjoy going in that store. I just bought two of the wallflower room fresheners you plug in. I grabbed up the two new Fall scents, Pumpkin and Fall Leaves. Wow they smell so good!

    Glad you like to smell purty too. What would us girls do without our bath stuff and lotions? 😉 We stink like men thats what!!! LOL!


  9. Oppps…that should have read…we would stink like men!

  10. Kimmie – Thanks, I love B&BW also! There are some men whose 'stink' I'd take in a second… 😉

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