I love this town

By: Tug

Sep 04 2008

Category: boulder


5 comments on “I love this town”

  1. Hey Tug!

    I love photos like this. Its so random but makes such a statement! 🙂

  2. Did they name it after Janis?


  3. Kimmie – Thanks! It’s ‘the’ street in Boulder, which I love!

    Bond – Um…help? Not Joplin, though I do know a Joplin MO…??

  4. Ooooh! LOVE that street!! Wish I could’ve had more time to shop when we were there last.

    I’m all ready to go again. Can I, huh, can I??????? ::pant, pant, pant::

  5. EG – Are you here yet? huh? huh? Are you here yet? 😉

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