By: Tug

Sep 03 2008

Category: outside, plants, zoo


(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “Berries”

  1. Love the shadows!

  2. oh! this is great! What kind of berry?

  3. Finn – Thanks, that's what caught my eye originally. 😉

    Blue – Thank you…I have no idea – these were at the zoo & I'm not really a plant person, sorry.

  4. Excellent

  5. Look like little apples!

    Nice shot here, Tug

  6. Bond – Thankssomuch!

    Slick – They do; I was going to taste one, but you never know what’s poisonous (or I don’t at least). Thanks!

  7. Oh, I love photos of fruit, especially on the bushes, trees, etc. Very nice capture and the colors and shadows are lovely. This would be beautiful framed.

  8. Kimmie – Thankssomuch! I need to get rid of some family pics before I start framing & hanging mine. 😉

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