The Zoo – Giraffes

By: Tug

Sep 02 2008

Category: giraffes, zoo


The baby is just 16 days old, and was around 6′ tall when he was born. Ouch.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

7 comments on “The Zoo – Giraffes”

  1. i might have to go change my skirt. It looks like I”m her twin.

    except i’m short.

  2. how in the world did you get that first shot? thats awesome!

  3. Vodka – LOL. I love it…

    Blue – Um, as much as I'd like to say planning & waiting, I really have to go with dumb luck. She poked her head into the sun at the right time… thanks!

  4. last time i was at the zoo one of the grown-up giraffes began relieving them self and one of the babies began drinking it…YUK

  5. Bond – You’re right – ewwwww. The elephants were slinging some unknown stuff mixed with dirt on themselves, but the giraffes were well behaved. 😉

  6. Gorgeous photos Tug! I love the first one also. Wow, that is just so pretty. Keep shooting those pictures! You are amazing at it!

  7. Kimmie – You are too kind…thank you!

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