This Cowboy’s Hat

By: Tug

Aug 22 2008

Category: hat, western


Title comes from one of my favorite Chris LeDoux songs…

(Click on picture to enlarge)

7 comments on “This Cowboy’s Hat”

  1. You can leave your hat on….

    enjoy the weekend

  2. Finn – Thanks! I like (for the most part) this series…just wish the person it all belonged to was as good as the pics. 😉

    Bond – He’s got it back on now…you have a wonderful weekend as well.

  3. Ya’ know, I’m not a big fan of cowboy hats but I really like this shot. I like that there’s just enough light to almost get a feel for the fabric and that it was shot off-center.

  4. Jezzie – Thank you! I like the straw hat against the worn leather chair…

  5. See? I couldn’t even tell that it was a straw hat! I thought it looked like worn leather!

  6. Jezzie – hee…we need to find you a cowboy to ride. 😉

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