Um, yeah, don’t know what kind

By: Tug

Aug 21 2008

Category: home, plants


All I know is it gets little pink blooms (rarely)…

(Click on picture to enlarge)

6 comments on “Um, yeah, don’t know what kind”

  1. Very cool photo!

  2. You need a larger focal point; try one of the larger leaves and get in a bit closer.

  3. Looks like a Xmas cactus to me.

  4. Jay – Thank you!

    Finn – Yeah, I liked the ‘blue’ of the background in there, but with some playing I can probably do both!

    Miss Ann – YES, that’s it – thank you!

  5. and it has pointy little leaves that will stick you

  6. Bond – hee…they’re not too prickly. Nothin’ in my house is… 😉

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