By: Tug

Aug 20 2008

Category: home, jewelry


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11 comments on “Heartfelt”

  1. This has potential, but the focal point is too dark (this could just be my work monitor though).

  2. I agree with Finn… a tad too dark on the hearts …

  3. All women love jewelry anyway…

  4. Finn – One of my monitors show it darker, but either way it’s dark. I could have put the light more in front than top, but I’ve been in a pretty dark mood lately. 😉

    Bond – Yeah, I may try it again in different light.

    Slick – Yes…yes we do. LOL

  5. Love it! I love how dark it is! I think the dark works becuase the subject IS a heart, it really reflects the “dark mood” you say you are in.

    Speaking of that, need a hug or someone to vent to?

  6. Blue – Thankssomuch, and while hugs are NEVER turned down, it’s just the typical day-to-day suckage here sucking more; you know, that which I can’t blog about. 😉

  7. I like the effect. It feels very real instead of posed.

  8. Whall – Thank you! It’s always good when ‘posed’ looks more real… (I do get what you’re saying, not trying to be the smart-ass that I sound there) 😉

  9. OK, so here's what I see when I see this picture (now that the day's over & comments have been made – heh.) (It's my desktop pic here at home btw)

    The front heart is broken (it's how the bracelet separates) and dark…the back one, while wooden, has the light shining on it – like there's hope, even though it's wooden now. The jumble in the middle? It's just there – don't really 'see' that…LOL.

    Too much thought in it? Maybe, but I knew I liked it 'as is'…I'm just now kinda seeing why.

    Thanks all…… 😉

  10. I think it matches my dress! Can I borrow it?

    I like the darkness. Some of my favorite pictures are shadows or silhouettes

  11. MMom – I have a lot of silver, come on over & pick something out! 😉 Thank you.

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