Outside, looking in…

Maybe if I actually went IN instead of being outside taking pictures…I could lose some weight?

(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “Outside, looking in…”

  1. No that’s not what I thing. See….here’s the first thing I saw when I clicked on this picture: there is a shiny piece of “the sitting machine thingie that hurts our shoulders if we use it” that is reflecting the color of the carpeting. At a quick glance, I see the image of a hellhound so it’s probably best you not venture into that world of the dead.

  2. Queen – LOL. Yes, THAT’S why I don’t go in – THANK.YOU.

  3. Perish the thought! Looks waaaaaay too dangerous in there to me!!! LOL

  4. EG – Hee…yes, it does, AND I forgot my passcode to get in. shoot. 😉

  5. Back away slowly…..that’s it…

    I think you need to go home and have a good lie-down with a cool wash cloth on your head!!

    What the hell were you thinking to go that close???

  6. MMom – I know, right? I’m lucky to have lived through it…

  7. Studies have shown that thinking about exercise is just as good as real exercise.

    /looks away

  8. Whall – Oh master, I like your studies!

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