Water’s Edge

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10 comments on “Water’s Edge”

  1. Pretty! I love the light in this one.

  2. very cool and so sharp and crisp…

  3. Finn – Thank you! It was actually melt-me hot and sunny, but when I got down in there it darkened pretty nicely.

    Bond – Thankssomuch…I just loved the ‘whispys’ – whatever they’re called. 😉

  4. Hell CO. sure is pretty.

  5. Kind of peaceful. You get tell the wind was a gentle breeze.

    I don’t care if that sounded gay

  6. Sushi – It does have it’s places that are pretty, thank you! Now if only the people’s personalities were ‘pretty’, I’d be good. 😉

    Slick – Yeah, it was perfect as far as breezes go, just too hot. I’ve been “urgay” at your site MANY times – your secret is safe with me here at my site. LOL

  7. Wow – and some of my favorite colors all wrapped into that picture. LOVE IT!

  8. Queen – Thank you! I like how the colors work together…

  9. I think what I like most about this, better than the feathery-looking plant itself, is the background leaves that aren’t catching the sun and look more like shadows being cast.

  10. Jezzie – Yeah, there’s the shadows, the different textures…I think it just all came together. Thank you!

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