By: Tug

Aug 08 2008

Category: flowers, home


(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “Roses”

  1. I am positive that camera is permanently affixed to your eye!

  2. Bond – Pretty much! Today I even took pictures at work (for the corporate calendar, but still…) 😉

  3. Send me a few…make the address label say

    “Trisha, from Michael”

    I appreciate it, girl!

  4. Slick – Um…yeah. You help me ‘get some’, I’ll be more than happy to help you out – deal?

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! Now, when can I expect them to arrive? lol

  6. EG – Thanks! If they weren’t dead already, I’d send ’em on… 😉

  7. Hon, you have a real eye for capturing the beauty of plants and flowers and if I were you, I would gear your attention on those things. Not that your other pictures aren’t great as well, but I think you’ve found your niche when it comes to nature and I think you should work on perfecting that even more! I’ve taken some pix of flowers and they never look anything like yours!

  8. Jezzie – Thank you – I try to get a variety; some work, some, notsomuch. 😉

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