Life is short…

By: Tug

Aug 07 2008

Category: coffee, home


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13 comments on “Life is short…”

  1. See this is why I do not drink coffee…I do not want to read the inside of my mug…LOL

  2. Bond – hee…that’s why I DO drink it – and the reflection in the coffee. 😉

  3. If this was from Starbucks, it would be my new blog header.

    LOVE IT!!!

  4. EG – LOL, thanks! The ‘inspire’ cup is a Starbucks cup – and K has TONS of them – if you want, I’ll check some out when I visit next!

  5. EG – I’ll keep you posted!

  6. I need to get one of these cups for an employee here where I work. ;-0

  7. Clay – OMG A REAL PICTURE – YAY!! 😉


    I wish the people at my work (that come in the office anyway) would just shut up & go to sleep – LOL.

  8. Thanks Tug, I nearly broke the camera but at 45 I guess thats about par for the course. You know….I really do feel like I’ve aged about ten more years since I hit my head in that skate boarding accident a few months ago. LoL

  9. Clay – I highly doubt you broke your camera – I have yet to do it, so you’re definitely safe! How ARE you doing since the accident? Have you had follow-up appointments?

  10. No Tug, I didnt follow up with the doc but I think I’m over it. She diagnosed it as a moderate concusion and told me that I was crazy to be skateboarding at my age. She is so brutal…. I only go in when I absolutely have to but she is the best doctor that I have ever seen. LoL

  11. Clay – A brutal bitch, huh? I like her already. 😉 So why do you feel 10 years older – because you had to grow up & quit skateboarding? :-0

  12. Botta Boom Batta Bing…..are you related to my doctor?

    Seriously, I’ll never quit. Its just gotten to a point where I have to stick to safer moves and not do anything too crazy.

  13. Clay-who-went-back-to-the-pacman-pic – hee…OK. I get it. I, too, refuse to grow old. seriously. 😉

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