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10 comments on “Shoes”

  1. Them’s the retro shoes 😉

  2. Slick – Fitting, since I’m kinda retro myself! heh

  3. you are such a groovy chick


  4. Bond – LOL, that’s what K calls me. She swears I was born in the wrong decade. 😉

  5. AWESOME shoes – I would SO wear those!

  6. Queen – Aren’t they just CUTE? 😉

  7. I LOVE those shoes! And what a great picture they make!

  8. EG – Thanks! I was looking for different shoes, but saw these…they were MINE right then! 😉

  9. I’m so torn. The shoes say “peace” and “love” and I’m sure have all sorts of happiness stuff, but it also says the converse.


  10. Whall – LOL, a kneeslapper! 😉

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