Channeling Finn…

By: Tug

Aug 04 2008

Category: car, Finn, reflections


My picture…tail light.
Finn’s picture…head light. If you haven’t seen Finn’s pictures, you’re seriously missing out.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “Channeling Finn…”

  1. Those are some mighty nice head lights 🙂

  2. In no offense to you because it’s not your picture-taking, but I just don’t get car art! For his birthday, my son wanted another poster on his wall and he picked out one of a blue Ferrari. I like blue-colored cars (my past two have been blue!)and I LOVE Ferraris but I just didn’t like the poster!

    With that being said, the one thing I do like about the photo is if I didn’t already know what kind of car you had, it would be an interesting guess as to what you drove!

    I like that you take chances and pursue a photo op with a creative mind. I’ve never really looked at car art as being artistic but I can see now that it is. I also like how you approach things with an open mind. I need to do some more creative exploration with my photos.

    I have a somewhat negative comment. The first is that I feel like you’re comparing your work to someone who may or may not have more experience than you (I don’t claim to know a thing about Finn’s experience with photography). I think it’s great and flattering to acknowledge others’ works through links but I would keep this blog about your work. Just my honest opinion.

  3. Jay – *blushes* Why thank you!

    Ivanna – LOL…one of the pics are mine. I get what you’re saying about car art – I probably won’t have it hanging in my living room any time soon, but I love the way it looks, and the reflections. It’s also a good way to practice on what’s caught in the picture (like not my reflection!)…and I’m not really comparing, but more giving a shout out to someone whose pictures inspire me – she does have much more experience than me!

  4. I love them both…the photos and the photographers!

  5. Aww, thanks hon. I’m very flattered!

    I like your picture a lot.

  6. MMom – Thank you, you are loved as well!

    Finn – Well deserved, and thankssomuch!

  7. Just found your blog 🙂
    My most favorite thing to photograph are cars….esp old ones.


  8. sista #2 – Welcome! Thanks…I like pics of old cars, trucks, tractors…must find some. 😉

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