My deck

By: Tug

Jul 29 2008

Category: home


(Click on picture to enlarge)

5 comments on “My deck”

  1. What I wouldn’t give to be there now.

    Love the color of the chairs; I’m thinking of painting mine a spiced pumpkin. Yours are a bit more tropical and I DO live in Florida, may have to consider…

  2. You got like 4 different types of trees in your yard??

  3. Queen – I was going to do one chair a pinky color, but decided in the small space that ‘like’ colors worked better…let me know how yours turn out!

    Slick – Um…no clue – it’s an apartment. All I know is the one right in front of my deck attracts bees like crazy!

  4. Love your adirondeck chairs! I painted my rockers a similiar color but more bluish and deeper. We did a little table I found at a garage sale for $5.00 the same color. It all looks so fresh and new again. We love to sit out there and have our morning coffee and eat Sunday breakfast also. I sit out on the porch alot and rock, it relaxes me. 🙂

    Beautiful photo Tug!


  5. Kimmie – I know what you're saying, I love sitting out there & relaxing (when it's not 100+ outside!).

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