View from the Park

(Click on picture to enlarge)

6 comments on “View from the Park”

  1. I wonder how many times I can say “very pretty” in your comments section! Geez girl, I’m running out of things to say! They’re all beautiful!!

  2. Oh this is one of my favorites so far. Those mountains get me every time! I biggie sized it and I can’t get over all the things you cannot see in the smaller photo. Awesome job!


  3. Does your boss mind the camera permanently affixed to your eyeball?

  4. Ivanna – Thankssomuch! Say it as much as you want… 😉

    Kimmie – Thanks – I absolutely LOVE this park & lake.

    Bond – LOL. Where I work is nowhere NEAR pretty – and since I don't even get a lunch unless I eat at my desk, there's no going out to take pics. (and there's no WAY I see the 'boss' during non-work hours)

  5. I love the background. We don’t have mountains like that around ere, breathtaking. I also loved the droplets of water on the lense; added a little something special to the pic.

  6. Queen – I truly love that spot – I’ll never get tired of it. The spots are actually cotton from a cotton tree…

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