Mom’s Garden

(Click on picture to enlarge)

6 comments on “Mom’s Garden”

  1. Holy crap. You’re like the Georgia O’Keefe of photography! That’s just beautiful! What is it?

  2. Jezzie – Wow, thank you! Mom says it’s a dahlia…I, of course, had no idea. hee

  3. You are all over the flower thing aren’t you?

    You are gaining mad skillz girl

  4. Bond – Thank you! I have been a tad flowery lately, haven’t I. 😉

  5. Pretty Petals! I love this photo Tug…you need to start wearing some “flowers in your hair”. 😉 I agree, you are getting mad skilz!


  6. Kimmie – LOL. I am a tad hippy-ish…thank you!

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