Sunny Day

By: Tug

Jul 18 2008

Category: park, sun, tree


(Click on picture to enlarge)
ANY good thoughts, prayers, vibes…PLEASE. For Lisa. She could use a sunny day… Thankssomuch.

12 comments on “Sunny Day”

  1. Going to go send love to Lisa.

  2. HOLY COW I need to look at the ‘big picture’ before posting – LOL.

    Finn – Thankssomuch. 😉

  3. Thoughts for Lisa…but after enlarging the picture my LSD kicked in and now I am not sure who I am….

  4. Bond – Thank you…and hey – at least my pictures are a CHEAP drug! 😉

  5. What a relaxing pic – fabulous.

    And love and hugs to Lisa.

  6. Goob – Small, it’s kind of relaxing. Big? Gives you the jitters – LOL.

    Thank you…

  7. LOL Tug!

    I was feeling kinda like “what” when I clicked on the picture too. You are right, gives a good cheap buzz! 😉

    I think it is a lovely shot and very soft a also agree gives a relaxing effect.

    Prayers being said for Lisa. My heart goes out to her and her family.


  8. you got it…well Lisa’s got it.

  9. Thank you…thank you for all the love and good vibes. You are a wonderful person.

  10. Kimmie – Relaxing, huh? 😉 Thanks for the prayers…

    Pinks – Thank you so much.

    Lisa – We’re all behind you in this fight – hang in there!!

  11. LOL I didn’t click to see the big picture…..very cool – how’d you do it?

  12. Queen – Just layed on the ground & looked up – and obviously shook a little? 😉

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