Yellow Flower

By: Tug

Jul 17 2008

Category: flowers, park


(Click on picture to enlarge)
This one may make your eyes cross – it came out a little blurry, so I tried to ‘sharpen’ it…I’ve since read (and seen here) that sharpen won’t work for that. 😉 BUT, I liked the colors and the way it turned out anyway, so here you go.

10 comments on “Yellow Flower”

  1. Are those Lantana?

    Very pretty!

  2. Love the light. And pictures don’t always have to be really sharp to be good. Sometimes you can put an artistic filter on them in Photoshop so you don’t notice the blur. I did that on my Facebook photo!

  3. Stop shaking the monitor!!!!

  4. or is it yarrow?

    I agree with Finn, it doesn’t have to be “sharp” to be good!

  5. I like the colours too….I play with my colours to make them pop (shh don’t tell)


  6. Ivanna – Um…yeah, no clue. But thanks! 😉

    Finn – Thank you! I don’t have photoshop, but thing Gimp (FREE! download) has artistic filters, I’ll have to check it out.

    Bond – hee…I know, right? Especially when it’s big!

    Queen Goob – Still no clue…sorry. For some reason, blur (besides the background) makes my eyes wonk out – but thank you!

    Pinks – It’s our secret… 😉 I’m really trying to just go SOOC now to see how I do, maybe soon I’ll play around more.

  7. Very pretty!

  8. Fantastagirl – Thanks so much!

  9. Morgy Likey.

    Hey! Why’d you leave Nebraska? I love this place! And, I’m not even a HuskerPsycho!!!

  10. Morgy – Welcome, & thank you! I didn't have a choice – I was born there, left when I was 8 with my parents. Wouldn't hate to move back, but there's that whole 'work & paying bills' thing, ya' know?

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