More Mt. Rushmore

(Click on picture to enlarge)

6 comments on “More Mt. Rushmore”

  1. I’m so laughing right now! At first I didn’t like the eyes as they appeared to look like empty sockets! At second glance, they all look like they’re wearing Ray Bans!! lol

  2. It is a deal…we meet at Mt Rushmore someday

  3. cool! Never been there…looks neat!

  4. Ivanna – LOL. I hadn’t noticed that, but you’re right!

    Bond – Awesome! I’m holding you to that.

    Pinks – It’s pretty cool, but amazing how much ‘smaller’ it looks now that I’m grown. 😉

  5. What a cool place to take photos! They are great. Now I have to go back and check out the eyes! LOL!


  6. Kimmie – You definitely have to check out the Black Hills someday – it IS gorgeous!

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