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11 comments on “Necklace”

  1. If, as you say, you are an amateur just starting out, you’re doin in right. Studies like this are the absolute best way to get the basics down.

    I’m still on the “squint test” for composition when I take a picture. You know, look at the picture and squint…?

  2. I can’t take a picture to save my life. I love yours.

  3. RW – As far as a camera with manual settings, yes – very much an amateur. The squint test? Hee…you have NO IDEA how many pictures I’ve deleted since buying this camera – my bifocals fail me many a time!

    ADW – Thank you! Like I said, I’ve deleted MANY.

  4. I like the shadows! Nice.

  5. Finn – Thank you! It’s really a reflection (did the mirror without BLACK this time – I need to back away from the mirrors) 😉

  6. AWESOME!! I wish I could take credit for the photo, AND for the necklace!!! But sadly….no.

    Way to go Tug, it’s really beautiful!

  7. Give me a landscape any day! You have more practice with single objects and it shows!

  8. Wonderful sentiment

    Hmmm…Maybe I should try some studies too…I’m a way amateur

  9. EG – Thank you! I’m sure the necklaces you made will find their way into a photo soon. 😉

    Jezzie – I’ve got some ideas on landscapes/outdoors I want to try; I just need to find a ‘safe’ place to stop! Thank you…

    Pinks – After seeing all of your pictures, I’d love to see your take on some of these!

  10. Take your love wherever you go.

    That is just beautiful. I love the neclace and it looks great in black and white. This photo touched my heart. Thank You Tug!


  11. Kimmie – Thankssomuch! Look for ‘Life is Good’ merchandise – it’s wonderful!

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