Take me out to the ballgame!

By: Tug

Jul 03 2008

Category: baseball, rockies


(click on picture to enlarge)

5 comments on “Take me out to the ballgame!”

  1. Oh Wowza Tug!

    This is a great picture! I love how the field looks like the rind of a watermelon. How cool is that! Great vivid color, and in the up close biggie photo the pitcher and other player look pretty darn cute! 😉 I just love guys in any kind of uniform.

    How was the game? I love to go to the Buffalo Bison Games here in Buffalo. Such a great olde fashioned pastime to be a part of. Makes me think, I need to look at the game schedule.


  2. umm think it ate my comment because of that WORD VERIFICATION!!!!!! and i clicked away too fast

    Is the camera permanently affixed to your eye now?

    Great shot, but they are not wearing PINSTRIPES!

  3. Kimmie – It was a beautiful day, and the colors just popped! Now go, get to a game! 😉

    Bond – Slow down my friend… hee. The camera & I have become one, yes. LOL. I WISH they were in pinstripes…GO YANKS!

  4. How did I miss this one?! The clarity is phenomenal!!

  5. Ivanna – Thank you! Every once in awhile I get lucky…(no, seriously!) LOL

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