By: Tug

Jul 01 2008

Category: home, plants


8 comments on “Jade”

  1. man you are getting damn good at this..

  2. Bond – Aw, thank you! I really liked how this turned out. 😉

  3. Coolness. One thing: make bigga! I want see all the detail!

    That is all.

  4. Finn – Thank you! Did you click on it? It gets huge…(if only that worked in real life – LOL). I just don’t want my page to load slowly for people…am I thinking wrong?

  5. nope…just put a reminder to click on it…

  6. Bond – Cool…I’m working on a ‘post signature’ thingie.

  7. Very nice Tug! I like this photo A L O T! 😉


  8. Kimmie – Thank you! I was happy with how this turned out. 😉

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