Where the (molting) buffalo roam…

By: Tug

Jun 29 2008

Category: buffalo


5 comments on “Where the (molting) buffalo roam…”

  1. Seems like all the animals are shedding their coats…I know my kitty is also. I love the buffalo. Such history goes along with them. I loved the movie “Dances With Woloves”. I was saddened by the slaughtering of these amazing animals. Excellent photo!

  2. Kimmie – The buffalo are just amazing…and it just floors me when prople are stupid enough to let their kids get close to them without a car…they CHARGE. They’re WILD.ANIMALS…(I was in a car – NOT stupid – hee)

  3. Now that’s a sight you sure don’t see every day!

    It’s good that you didn’t get out of your car. Just seeing that animal reminds me of that car commercial where there’s a buffalo guarding people, not letting them leave! I can only imagine how dangerous they really are.

  4. Buffalo steak is yummy


  5. Jezzie – Yeah, I saw them chase a stupidass family once – people are stupid!

    Bond – AND, it’s low-fat & GOOD for you! 😉

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