Have you been by Lisa’s to give her much love and support lately?

6 comments on “Aware”

  1. Awesome shot of the bracelet!

    I’m glad it arrived safely. 🙂

  2. Lisa – It’s beautiful, you do wonderful work – thank you!

  3. That is lovely…

  4. Bond – Thank you! Lisa made it. 😉

  5. What a beautiful bracelet! I would love to have one. I will visit Lisa’s site to see how I can purchase one.

    Very pretty picture Tug! You are doing wonderful with your new camera!

  6. Kimmie – Thank you…Lisa’s story is one that will make you furious, and yet give you so much hope – her 3rd bout with cancer – she is a FIGHTER, and such an inspiration! Truly remarkable person…please keep her in your prayers!

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