More Rocky Mountains

By: Tug

Jun 25 2008

Category: rockies


6 comments on “More Rocky Mountains”

  1. you may live in Hell…but your view of heaven is spec-f**king-tacular!

  2. Bond – Thank you, I loved how this picture turned out…and the mountains are my ‘sanity’ going to and from work…

  3. I am SO jealous that you see this on your way to work… My first real view of the Rockies actually made me cry. That is the truth.

    I am a little that way anyway. I had never been around mountains, and I swear, they caught me off gaurd when I got to the top. Geez, I just caught my breath with the thought of them… Great picture.. Kayce

  4. KC – Welcome! The truly are breathtaking, aren’t they? A bright spot in my days…thank you!

  5. I agree with Bond, your view is f’n spectacular! Lucky you, I have never seen the mountains yet.

  6. Kimmie – They are my sanity…the Rockies are truly beyond awesome in their beauty!

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