The storm through a window

By: Tug

Jun 19 2008

Category: tornado


6 comments on “The storm through a window”

  1. cool and you are linked

  2. Bond – Thank you, and you are awesome!!

  3. I love watching and listening to storms, as long as everyone stays safe!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, I hope you’ll continue to return 🙂

  4. KW – I love storms also, but little did I know at the time this was a tornado blowing over!

  5. Storms are cool…tornados…ummmm…no! So glad you were safe and spared its wrath. Very nice photo.

  6. Kimmie – Thank you! I love storms also…and I was pretty lucky to NOT know this was a tornado until after it was over – LOL.

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