By: Tug

Jun 15 2008

Category: pics -101


As a lot of you know, I’ve got a ‘new-to-me’ camera; a Nikon CoolPix 5700, and I’m having a blast with it! I know NOTHING about photography besides I love looking at awesome shots, so I’ve decided to try it for myself.

These are my shots…some good, some all right, some just suck – but it’s all me, learning as I go…

Constructive criticism is always welcome, and hey – I’ve chosen to make these public, so if you think they suck, I guess you’ll say that also. It’s OK, I’ve got my big girl panties on, I can take it.

3 comments on “Welcome!”

  1. loving the mug!

  2. Thanks Val!

  3. I don’t think you suck at all Tug! Quite the opposite, that is a neato looking photo!

    And, lucky you…A Nikon 5700! Yahoo for you! 😉

    Get snappin’, I will be coming by to look…alot! I love to look at others photos also. I can get lost in them sometimes.

    I have a couple good photographers on my blog list…

    Photo Durana
    oh poop…I can’t think of Quint’s new blog name…Lenses something..

    Idaho Daily Photo…Roger is Awesome!

    There are alot out there. Once you click on one, you can go on and on all day long looking.



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